Certified Payment processing Reviews

Certified payment processing reviews have been very common on the Internet in the past years. Certified payment processing is a First American Payment system subsidiary. According to BBB, it started its operations in 2005. It is also part of a conglomeration of three companies, that include Summit Merchants and Trans-Tech merchant groups. This company and other sister groups have received some complements and complaints since they started their operation.

Positive Certified payment processing reviews

In the positive reviews regarding certified payment processing, many writers complement it for its vigorous growth. Regardless of the situation of the global economics, it has continued to grow positively. Today, it is among the six largest processors of debit cards.

Another factor that may review writers complement this company for is its services. According to the positive reviews about this company, there is no way that this company could have realized this growth if it delivered poor services. The company has professionals who deliver its services to clients. This has always made decision making easier for the company.

There are also reviews that point out to the dedication of this company to resolving clients complaints. Certified payment processing reviews has always been dedicated in providing quality services to clients. However, many review writers observe that the company is always dedicated to resolve clients’ complaints whenever they arise. Perhaps, this is another factor that can be attributed to its continued growth over the years.

For any company to get BBB accreditation, it has to meet special standards. These standards include its commitment to delivering or showing good efforts in resolving consumers complaints. This give many users confidence since they know that the company has met these standards.
However, there has been negative reviews with some writers giving negative experiences using certified payment progress.

Negative certified payment processing reviews

Writers who have given negative feedback base their arguments on terminal leases. According to them, certified payment processing pushes terminal leases. This makes the company a lot of money. In most cases, a terminal lease will take a contract of four years. This can be hard to walk out of.

There are also users who have based their complaints on sales representatives. This is because some of the former sales representatives of this company were interested in making money via commissions. As a result, their interest was to increase quantity and not quality of services they deliver. Majority of them used their convincing powers to have clients entering a deal expecting a fat paycheck in returns. They did this without stating facts to the client.

Security issue as depicted in certified payment processing reviews

Security is another issue that comes out clearly in these reviews. Some writes of the reviews state that there is no feature for on-site security. In most cases, security depends on the information provider of merchant account collect from clients. This may include SSN numbers and may be other basic information. Such features are not clear in certified payment processing.

Although certified payment processing reviews helped to reduce number of complaints in the past, the company is improving in terms of service delivery and growth.